A new quality to attract your attention
The rest depends on you...

What is all that for?

It’s harder and harder to astound, to interest somebody in something new, to force somebody to pay attention. We know how to do it. With us, you can astound, interest somebody and raise the prestige of your interior.


We offer an interactive design for your environment thanks to which you can raise a prestige of your interior.

Trumps of our products:

  • any size and shape
  • big choice of frames (exotic wood, precious domestic wood, metal)
  • constructions without frames
  • possibility of personalized decorations (cutters, engraver, logo, patterns, ornaments)
  • LED backlight option
  • watch with matrix display
  • watch with 7-segment display

Thanks to the modern technology of interactive mirrors you can pass on to your clients with:

  • current political, economic and business information
  • weather forecast, time, date
  • advertisements
  • presentation of products and services
  • informations about promotions
  • many other information tailored to your needs
  • many other information adapted to the needs of your business

In residential interiors, interactive mirrors can display:

  • weather forecast
  • temperature inside and outside
  • time and date
  • timetable with duties for household members
  • other important informations for household members

How does our interactive mirror work?

The traditional mirror surface is equipped with a system
that allows you to display the image on its surface.

You decide what will be displayed!

Thanks to a browser you can change your contents which are displayed. It is enough that you insert the information into the schedule in the mirror and information will be changed according to your guidelines.

What can we do for you?

  • we support
  • we deliver a mirror with the dimensions you need with frame or without frame
  • we equip a mirror with lights, back-lights, watch or your logo
  • we install and start the device
  • we train you how you can use your mirror
  • we manage the displayed contents for you

Why we?

Mirtelli - modern technology for your house and your company

The mission of our company is the enrichment of modern design with innovative technological solutions. With involvement and creativity of our specialists and thanks to constant investments in company development we keep our services at the highest level. We adapt our offer to the customer individually.

We take care that the realization is carried out on time and we support the customer in preparing the environment for installation of the device.

Security of the data

We work together with reliable server rooms.
Our system and data are hidden in server rooms which are best secured and operated by the best specialist.

You do not need much...

Our mirror, internet and browser are enough.

It does not matter how many mirrors you have - you can guide all mirrors at the same time or just two you have selected.

You always have access to the system
from anywhere in the world.

About us

Mirtelli - modern technology for your home and business

We deal with forming and introducing innovative solutions. We design and manufacture electronic devices used in new construction industry.

We focus on the development of our offer, which is why we always and always work to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We offer the highest technology quality for your design.

We have an experienced and highly qualified team available.

Electronics technicians, programmers, technologists work to ensure that the product we offer meets all the customer's expectations. Every day we create the creative and functional elements for your residential and commercial interior.

The offer is for everyone who appreciates modern design and unconventional solutions.

We offer our customers:


high quality of the product


timely execution of the order


preparation of mirrors of any size


individual adaptation of the project


advice and support for designers and architects


support in managing the content


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